Mrs. Minakshi Tushar Pawar

Welcome to K.K. Wagh English School and K.K. Wagh Muktangan, Gangapur, Nashik. Our school has come into existence to cater the educational need of the children from Kindergarten to Class 8th using a perfect blend of traditional approach with modern way of learning. The school is dedicated to ensuring that children feel successful while acquiring the academic, social and emotional skills needed to be a model member of the community. This is done by concentrating on the child through dedicated and experienced teaching staff. We help children develop qualities that will make them secure and independent as they grow self- confidence, enthusiasm for learning. Social skills, wholesome attitudes, self-discipline and an organized approach to problem solving. In a short period of time, we have earned an enviable reputation for the quality of education provided to our children, of whom we all are very proud. With a strong sense of responsibility of our students overall growth and development, we are committed to give an environment which is conducive of learning. Our core curriculum, extracurricular activities and improvement programs will definitely provide an opportunity to our students to spread their wings in all the directions they want. We are looking forward to work collaboratively with the staff and parents for the attainment of our goal of providing contemporary education to our students for making them a better citizen of tomorrow. We foster an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education. Our efforts focused not only on pure study but also on providing opportunity to each child to explore his or her own capabilities and area of interest.
Best wishes to all for a bright future!

Meet Our Primary Teachers

# Photo Name Designation
1 Mrs. Pratibha B. Bagul Assistant Teacher
2 Mrs. Swati T. Pawar Assistant Teacher
3 Mrs. Dipika D. Raut Assistant Teacher
4 Mrs. Dipali A. Chavan Assistant Teacher
5 Mrs. Asha S. Sanap Assistant Teacher
6 Mrs. Dipali Shivaji Dukale Asst. Teacher
7 Mr. Sanjay N. Bagul Assistant Teacher
8 Mrs. Pranjali R. Patil Assistant Teacher
9 Miss. Pranjali G. Divate Assistant Teacher
10 Mrs. Manjusha R. Rajurkar Assistant Teacher
11 Mrs. Sonali Anil Jadhav Assistant Teacher