Language Club

Language and literature forum of the school conduct various activities to develop students’ Marathi, Hindi and English language skills, to enhance thinking capacity and to encourage healthy reading skills. ‘Marathi Bhasha Sanwardhan Pandharwada’, ‘Hindi Pakhwada’, ‘Marathi Rajbhasha Din’, ‘Shakespeare Day’, and frequently conducted workshops on writing skills and various creative programmes are the features of this forum.In the cultural programmes always strives hard to develop hidden qualities of every student of the school. Programmes develops various skills like writing, elocution, debate, poetry recitation etc. among the students. school has always encouraged students to participate in various competitions at State and National level. Many students of the school have received various state and national level also organizes different workshops .Which are useful to improve students language skills. Through different activities and competitions the school develops personality of students.

  • To allow students to continue to learn outside of their classroom setting.
  • To help pupils to use language effectively when reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To promote and develop acquaintance with languages other than their mother tongue in a friendly atmosphere.
  • To improve their pronunciation, confidence and self-esteem.
  • To extend their vocabulary knowledge.
  • To encourage students develop good public speaking skills.
  • To spark the interest in the social and educational issues

This club works under the supervision and guidance of all the language teachers. The club organizes activities in three languages that are taught in school, namely, Marathi, hindi and English. Accordingly, the three sub-clubs are named as:
o My Marathi (Marathi Club)
o Gyan Shala (Hindi club)
o Rising Star (English Club)
English Club Activities:
1) Competitions are:-
a) Recitation III ,IV,& V, Story telling IV,& V, Elocution IV,V
b) Handwriting Competition
c) Quiz
d) Debate
e) Drawing competition
2) Lectures/workshops/seminars
Hindi Club Activities:
1)Essay Writing Competition
2) Story Telling
3) Poem Recitation
4) Jokes Competition
5) Essay Competition
6) Elocution Competition
7) Hand Writing Competition
8) Hindi Divas Celebration(14 september)
Marathi Club Activities:
I – Bal Divas
II- Maharashtra Day
III – Marathi din celebration (27 February)